Nashergania feat. Jänson Harris (Castlevania "Vampire Hunter" Remix)

by Alexander Emenheiser and Jänson Harris



Joined by Jänson Harris from "Dimension Nine", Alex makes his most ballin' track yet.

"Ballin'", that's the right word to use, right? You crazy kids have some crazy words.

At any rate, enjoy this song and feel free to donate some money while you're at it.


released June 7, 2015
Alexander Emenheiser on synthesizer and drum machine accompanyment.
Jänson Harris soloing on Korg Kross and Ultranova.
"Vampire Hunter" by Satoe Terashima, and is owned by Konami, 1986.




Alexander Emenheiser York, Pennsylvania

Alex Emenheiser is an animator, electronic musician, and writer.

He takes great influence from early progressive rock bands, video game music, and 70's and 80's electronic music.

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